BLACK AMERICA (Blacks in America) throughout history has been under attack and
although we have made many strides to combat these attacks the threat and the
attacks still remain and have been tremendously increased during the current
Presidential Administration..  For the most part these attacks stem from the fact that
we are viewed as inferior, less educated and in some cases not even human.  
Although these views are patently false we still as a people have to bear the
consequences of these views.  We cannot, nor is it our mission to change the
minds of those who harbor these racist views, but to modify our own behavior to
feel much better about ourselves in raising our level of self-esteem and self-
respect.  There is a quote:  "It is a man's responsibility  to respect a woman, and it's
a woman's responsibility to give him something to respect".  The same can be said
about Black people in America.  Whether you agree, disagree or reject the fact that
many of the problems we're facing in this country are of our own making we all have
a part to play in doing whatever we can to change the perception of how we are
viewed, not only in this country but throughout the world.

“ “MAKE BLACK AMERICA PROUD AGAIN”, was born out of the need to re-establish
some of the traditional values we adopted and possessed during that period in
American History when we as blacks demonstrated a high degree of pride and self-
respect specifically during the “Civil Rights Movement” of the 1960’s.     

The act of “shaming” has been a topic of disagreement; many believe you cannot
“shame” anyone into changing behavior; however, “shaming” and “influencing” is
synonymous which basically means if you can influence, you can also shame.  

What does this all mean?  We as humans are all influenced in whole or in part by
some form of advertising.  The foundation of advertising is redundancy and
repetition; the more we are exposed to something the more likely we are to at some
point respond to it and eventually accept it..  It is a pure form of “mind manipulation”
by tapping into our "subconscious", which is prevalent in almost all aspects of our
lives.  It is our primary mission to inject the slogan “MAKE AMERICA PROUD
AGAIN” into the "subconscious", or “psyche” of the American Public by various
means of promotions and advertising since it is by these means that Black people
in America are perceived to be the “most violent”, the “most uneducated” the “most
criminal”, and the most just overall “illiterate”.  These stereotypes and
misconceptions are born out from the actions by a minority group of the race and
perpetrated by the News Media and other mediums of influence whose job it is to
report only the worst and egregious actions of Black people. The very sad part is
that the majority of the race has to live with and be affected by the actions of a few.

I believe every Black person has a responsibility to do something positive to
enhance the image and perception of Black people which means taking some
action to enhance this agenda.  You can do this by wearing , displaying and
promoting "MAKE BLACK AMERICA PROUD AGAIN" clothing and all related
paraphernalia made available.
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